Sim U Vel Flocked Foam

Sim U Vel flocked foam closely replicates velvet in appearance and texture. Sim U Vel provides a practical foam base with a smooth and luxurious finish, making it desirable for applications such as product displays and packaging.

National Velour Corporation (NVC) began serving the jewelry box industry in 1970, and  it has since expanded to the packaging needs of an array of industries and applications. We’ve been working with flocked foam for more than 20 years. Sim U Vel flocked foam provides a plush feel and attractive visual display and can be laminated to any foam thickness for product packaging protection.

Functions, Components and Options


Sim U Vel is both functional and decorative. We commonly use flocked foam sheets to:

  • Protect delicate surfaces of specialty products such as jewelry and glass
  • Provide a luxurious appearance for packaging at a lower cost than velvet
  • Line displays for a soft, professional appearance

Flocked foam offers solutions beyond packaging and display, as well. We can adapt our Sim U Vel solutions to a wide range of applications. Our project gallery highlights our capabilities ranging from protective packaging to novelty items. 


Sim U Vel flocked foam is available in custom colors and sizes.  Colors can be matched to ensure a proper match to existing packaging or branding. Sim U Vel may be used its own or laminated with other materials such as:

  • Polyether foam
  • Polyester foam
  • Polyethylene foam
  • Crosslinked foam
  • Paper and paperboard
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive

We work closely with each customer to ensure that they select the correct fiber and thickness for their application.  We also offer a range of custom flocking services to guarantee that we can meet any application need.


Sim U Vel is 1/8” thick, stocked in black in 100-yard rolls at 27” and 60” widths with no minimum order. Custom colors, roll sizes, and sheets are also available to address specific application needs.  

We work at a variety of production volumes to accommodate companies of all sizes and capabilities. Our minimum production quantity for custom colors is 1000 yards and we have no maximum production volume limits. We can handle production runs of all sizes, including:

  • Prototyping
  • Low-Volume Orders
  • High-Volume Orders
  • Blanket Orders

Lead Times

NVC features one of the fastest lead times in the industry, with black or stocked colors available in as little as four weeks. We also provide shorter windows for emergency or rush orders. Timelines for custom jobs are quoted on a job-by-job basis and depend on application requirements and material availability.

Flocked Foam Solutions from National Velour Corporation

National Velour Corporation provides flocked foam solutions for nearly any application. Our broad range of customization services ensure that each client gets the proper fiber and adhesive for their needs. Our services are backed by our in-house proprietary technology, research and development expertise and a staff with decades of experience.

For more information about velour foam or our other flocked materials, please contact us or request a quote.