Flocked PSA Paper for the Trophy and Urn Markets

Flocked PSA Paper for Trophy and Urn Market
Flocked PSA Paper for Trophy and Urn Market
Flocked PSA Paper
Flocked PSA Paper
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National Velour Corporation has grown since its inception in 1970 to become a leader in decorative and functional flocked goods. When we were approached by a consortium of trophy and urn manufacturers to develop a program to inventory and supply a product suitable for scratch protection on the bottom of these products, National Velour was proud to take the project.


The trophy and urn industry is made up of thousands of shops throughout North America with each individually purchasing a very small quantity. This poses logistical challenges in manufacturing. These manufacturers were looking for a product that was less expensive than felt, but performed similarly.


National Velour Corporation already produced a flocked paper with a peel and stick backing, but the quantities required to produce a custom order were above what each store could afford. After having dialogues with industry leaders, we developed a stocking program that can ship as little as 20 yards of flocked material when the manufacturers needed it. While this required internal accommodations in our customer service, warehouse, and shipping departments, it has opened a new market for our products.

Flocked PSA Paper for the Trophy & Urn Markets Project Highlights

Product Name
Flocked PSA
Capabilities Applied/Processes


Supply Chain Management
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Flocking Machine
Overall Part Dimensions
29" wide rolls
Material Used
  • PSA Paper

Flocking Material
  • Acrylic
In process testing/inspection performed
Industry for Use
Trophy and Urn Markets
Delivery/Turnaround Time
J.I.T Delivery
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
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